Its Eid al-Kafir!

Eid al-Kafir - National Bacon Day
Its Eid al-Kafir! In Other Words It’s National Bacon Day

That’s right, My Fellow Americans; it’s Eid al-Kafir, the festival of infidels, National Bacon Day – not to be confused with International Bacon Day, which is on the first Monday of September in the US. And, on this day, we come together to celebrate our not being Muslims…with bacon!

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Proper Care & Feeding

There's No BaconThere’s No Bacon. This Just Became A One Night Stand

Gentleman, the proper care and feeding of your overnight date is critical to a relationship, especially during the delicate, early stages of dating. 😉

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Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas, Muslims
Hey Muslims, Merry Christmas

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