Proper Care & Feeding

There's No BaconThere’s No Bacon. This Just Became A One Night Stand

Gentleman, the proper care and feeding of your overnight date is critical to a relationship, especially during the delicate, early stages of dating. 😉

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Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas, Muslims
Hey Muslims, Merry Christmas

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Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

OK, as all of Mankind knows, there is no value to be found in the Muslims’ attempt at law, Shari’a. Let’s make it quite clear though as to why that is.

Why Shari'a Is So Wrong
Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

Bacon, beer, babes – the American trifecta of pleasure and greatness. 😛

As for any Muslims that may be offended by bacon, beer, and/or scantily-clad babes, let them keep silent about their feelings of being offended or be slaughtered like the vermin that they and their breed are.

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