LGBT Pride Breakfast

LGBT Pride Breakfast
LGBT Pride Breakfast

As I’ve proudly said before, I support LGBT. As such, during June I regularly have a LGBT Pride Breakfast. That’d be, of course, Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, and Tomato on lightly toasted multigrain bread. 😉 And yeah, this year I switched to the multigrain bread to improve my Diversity and Inclusivity.

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If Only This Worked

If Only This Worked
If Only This Worked

Forget Candy Man or any of the other summoning thriplets. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

Yeah, if only this worked. I and a lot of the rest of us would be summoning brunch most weekend mornings. 😉

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The Best Bloody Brunch

The Best Bloody Brunch Is A Bloody Mary Brunch

As might be inferred or guessed from a previous post, I’m a fan of Bloody Marys. I mean, not only are Bloody Marys and their many variants great drinks in and of themselves, especially in the late morning hours, but they’re very often the one drink that eats like a meal. 😉

I mean, think about it. Isn’t so much easier to order a Bloody Mary as brunch than to order a drink and have to figure out what food you’re going to eat?

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Dim Sum Fine Buns

Dim Sum Fine Buns
The Perfect Breakfast or Brunch For Any Man
Dim Sum Fine Buns
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Dim Sum is, to my mind, a near-perfect breakfast or brunch. And buns – Baozi (包子) – are some of the best types of Dim Sum for starting any morning with. Though, since these are steamy, White buns, I suppose I should be calling them Mantou (饅頭). I know, given these buns’ size and plumpness, however, that they’re not the smaller, unleavened jiaozi (餃子). 😉

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Bloody Hell Mary!

Bloody Marry Brunch - And I do mean the whole brunch right there in and on a glass
Bloody Hell Mary!

I think that just about everyone who knows me knows that I’m very much not a follower of the weight-loss and fashion cartels religion of “American Obesity” and that I have exactly zero issues with the normative American trend of large and luxurious meal servings. Still, some things that I find manage to strike even me oddly, as if some restaurants have chosen to attempt to prove that Reductio ad Absurdum isn’t a fallacy after all.

And yes, I also know that creative garnishes on Bloody Marys is a thing, a meme or trope even, and a way for venues to differentiate themselves from their competition. But let’s actually list what this particular Bloody Mary is “garnished” with:

  1. Lemon & Lime
  2. Celery
  3. Olives
  4. Cocktail Onions
  5. Pickled Jalapenos
  6. Shrimp
  7. Pepperjack Cheese
  8. Chicken Wings
  9. Bacon Strips
  10. Waffle Fries
  11. Sliders

This is most assuredly the drink that eats like a meal. 😉 And indeed, it looks like a quite tasty and satisfying brunch, lunch, or after work snack. The only thing that makes me twitch – beyond the extremity of it – is that most Americans are conditioned to not “drink their meals” and would be compelled to order and eat a “normal” meal with it.

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