Yes! Blame The Poor

The Census Bureau puts the poverty rate among Blacks at 35%, compared to 13% among Whites which, of course, fuels the racial activists’ profitable business of hate-mongering, racial politics, and race-baiting.

What they won’t address is that the bastardy rate among Blacks is 72% – even with 400 Black babies being aborted for every 1000 allowed to be born – compared to 30% among Whites and that the poverty rate among Black married families is only 8%, compared to 5% among married White families.

As no American is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to breed out of wedlock’s economic security, why in the Gods’ names should we, the People Blame them for their poverty? Why shouldn’t we, the People blame them for squandering the $18 trillion of our money that our government has spent over the last 50 years to combat the natural outcome of certain groups’ unbridled fecundity and irresponsibility?

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