VA’s Weeping Vaginas

Ugly Bitch Crying - Weeping VaginasVA’s weeping vaginas are especially dripping and snotty right now. Yep, the titularly female millennials of the toxic wave of feminism on the University of Mary Washington’s campus are suing their college for not sufficiently protecting them from people who “said mean things” to or about them on an anonymous social media app Yik Yak.

They claim that, by not blocking Yik Yak on the school’s Wi-Fi, the university fostered a sexually hostile environment that failed to “protect the Plaintiffs from [the] effects” of the offensive yaks.

But then, this is par for the course for the womyn of modern feminism. They demand special protections from opposing views and other things that offend them. And, to sort of give them the benefit of the doubt, these womyn have been so misraised that they are actually viscerally threatened by such things, which makes their demands logical in a way, if still heinous, counterproductive, anti-American, and rather anti-feminist.

Weeping Vaginas Aren’t Men’s Equals

Weeping vaginas that a screaming and engaging in lawfare to gain specials protections from opposing views that offend them, especially if such offense actually scares them, aren’t men’s equals. They may well be sadly the equal of the penis-bearing snowflakes but not of actual men. Indeed, they can’t even rightfully claim to believe that they’re the equals of men since they spend so much time claiming oppression and the need for coddling and protection at the expense of other’s basic freedoms.

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Trumpex For The Cure

Trumpex For The Cure

At last, some good news. They’ve developed a treatment for TURD, the horrific and debilitating mental disease sweeping the nation. Now the many sufferers can lead something akin to normal, productive, American lives.

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CryptoscienceCryptoscience – The Liberals’ New Major

More and more the Liberals’ and Progressives’ ranting sounds like that of people searching for Nessie, Bigfoot, or the Chupacabra. Then, I suppose this makes sense since there’s almost as much evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to block Hillary and win the 2016 elections as there is for the existence of any of the more popular cryptids in the annals of cryptobiology.

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