The Groomers’ Curriculum

The Groomers' Curriculum
The Groomers’ Curriculum

It was bad enough when the Liberal and Progressive sorts put Planned Parenthood in our schools, allowing for the issuing of both birth control and abortions to minors, often without parental notification or consent. Now, they’re indoctrinating children into the belief that they’re queer, trans, nonbinary without informing the parents of those children.

Sure sounds like a bunch of state-sponsored #groomers to me. First, they provide a means of covering up rapes and sexual abuse, then they separate the children from the parents, making the parents the adversary to be avoided, and continue grooming them into what they want the children to be.

This needs to be stopped. Some good measured have been done so far to correct for this violation, but we Americans have not risen up and done near enough nor the right things to put a permanent end to these practices and the #Groomers engaging in them or sitting by and allowing it to continue.

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A CA Teacher's Fridge

A CA Teacher's Fridge
A CA Teacher’s Fridge

Ah, a California elementary school teacher’s fridge and to-do list. In truth, while this is still funny, I’d find it a lot funnier if hadn’t in recent years become more and more plausible as fact rather than merely sarcasm.

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It Doesn't Add Up

Liberal Indoctrination - It Doesn't Add Up
Liberal Indoctrination – It Doesn’t Add Up

No. It doesn’t add up. Adding LGBTQ+ agenda items to math classes just doesn’t add up to anything worthwhile or good for our children or our nation’s future. This is especially true of Mathematics and, as a direct result of this, Mathematics curricula are a specific target of the queer/trans agendists. In their minds, like the minds of every other sort who wants to reshape the minds of Americans’ children, every course has to be specifically tailored to specifically reference, include, and laud their people, especially when doing so has absolutely nothing to do with the actual course material.

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A Hilarious Mashup

A Hilarious Mashup - The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show
A Hilarious Mashup
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show

ROFLMAO Now that would be a hilarious mashup! The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show just sounds snarkily awesome. Or, it would if I wasn’t afraid that it’d be made as “Learning Television” for Democrat groomers to show in elementary schools.

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Liberals' Sex-Ed

The Future Of Liberals' Sex-Ed
The Future Of Liberals’ Sex-Ed

Quite honestly, the way Liberals and Progressives are pushing sex and sexuality onto school children and earlier and earlier ages, I wouldn’t be surprised if this did become part of high school sex-ed curriculum.

Then again, now that I think of it, applied sex-ed might be something other than a totally bad thing. 😆

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