It's Built. Will They Come?

The Donut Holster. It's Built. Will They Come?
It’s Built. Will They Come?

“If you build it, they will come,” is not just a movie line or trope; it’s a basic premise of product development and marketing. Well, the Donut Holster has been built, but will they come?

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Your Tactical Girlfriend


Your Tactical Girlfriend
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I don’t know about you, but Zuck’s algorithm keeps filling my feed with everything and anything “tactical.” Well, very sadly,everything except ads for a “Tactical Girlfriend.” And that’s the greatest shame of it. 😆

I mean, really! Easiest cute pet name ever – Molly. And easiest assigned role ever too – Load Bearing Equipment. 😉

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Font Choice Is Important

Font Choice Is Important, As Is Kerning
Font Choice Is Important, As Is Kerning

This is just a simple PSA I’m sending out to all the product designers and marketing types out there. Font choice and kerning are important! Very, very important! 😆 Choose wisely and with your target demographic in mind.

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Nihon No Mausu

Nihon No Mausu

Mouse Computer Japan‘s (MCJ) is not only a producer of fairly high-end laptops, they’re marketing wonderkind. You just don’t get much in the way of television commercials like that – or that damn good – here in America. 😆

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The Best Veggie Burger

The Best Veggie Burger Ever!

Sadly, the above ad is fake. I would have adored it if it was an actual whimsical – or mocking if you’re of the flat-toothed dietary persuasion – but, alas and alack, neither the advertisement nor Crompton’s Beef Farm are real.

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