Good Morning

Good Morning
Good Morning

Good Morning, one and all! Here’s hoping that you have or have a good morning today, preferably one that started off similar to this. 😉 Oh! And do understand that chocolate goes great with your morning coffee!

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The Wise Man Knows

The Wise Man Knows It's Right To Stand Behind Strong American Women
The Wise Man Knows

‘Tis very true! The wise man knows that it’s right to stand behind strong, American women. We also have no qualms about following female leaders.

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Sometimes Ass Is Enough

Ass In Pink Thong And Garters

Not Often, But Sometimes Ass Is Enough

I normally don’t post images of women’s parts. As a rule, I don’t favor images of women that don’t include their faces. But … in the words of Barbossa, “The code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.” Sometimes ass is enough, especially extremely fine asses.

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Disney Princesses’ T & A


Disney Princesses’ T & A

Funny how, as so much of the world is being “Disneyfied,” so many of us are busy “De-Disneyfying” Disney Princesses. 😉 Still though, Disney Princesses’ T & A is a lot less sick than some examples of Rule 34.

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Wave The Flag!

Wave The Flag
Gentlemen, Wave The Flag!

Uncase the colors, raised them high, and wave the flag, gentlemen, so that all and sundry can see what makes America great, beautiful, and glorious.

And be assured that all men of good character and discerning taste shall salute!

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