Bikini Interlude 30

Bikini Interlude – First Of Fall Edition

Just because it’s Fall and probably time to break out the sweaters doesn’t mean it’s not still an appropriate season for bikinis. And besides, it’s Spring now in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Bikini Interlude 29

Bikini Interlude – By The Yard Edition

Unsurprisingly, beyond reminding everyone that you need go no farther than your own yard – if you go anywhere at all – to enjoy bikini-clad babes, the only point of this, like most, Bikini Interludes, is the beauty of women in bikinis. Enjoy!

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Bikini Interlude 28

Bikini Interlude – The Fully Behind It Edition

Aside from renewing my commitment to being fully and firmly 😉 behind bikini-clad babes, there’s really no real purpose to this post beyond providing myself and any who come here a brief interlude of beauty.

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