Bikini Interlude 68

Bikini Interlude – End Of Season Edition

Just an end of Summer and, hence, traditionally the end of Bikini Season interlude. No worries though, there’ll be Bikini Interludes throughout the year. After all, babes and bikinis are two of the good things about globalism. 😉

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Bikini Interlude 67

Bikini Interlude – A Desikini Edition

Straight outta Goa, Gokarna, Tarkarli, Kaup,Tharangambadi? Or gracing the sands of some other beaches? It really doesn’t matter. Desi girls in bikinis – hence, Desikini – make a beautiful and spicy interlude.

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Bikini Interlude 66

Bikini Interlude – Keep Sunning Edition

At the time of this post, it’s still Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So, just a little reminder to you all to continue to enjoy your bikini and to keep sunning.

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Bikini Interlude 65

Bikini Interlude – It’s Still Summer Edition

The only purpose beyond appreciation of beautiful babes in bikinis this interlude serves is to remind everyone in the Northern Hemisphere that, despite it being September, it’s still Summer and that means it’s still bikini season. Enjoy!

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Bikini Interlude 64

Bikini Interlude – A Poolside Edition

There’s a lot to love about pools. One the inarguable best being bikini babes in or around said pools. Relax and enjoy!

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