Sick Vick Is Free

Michael Vick - Herpes infected, dog killing ghetto thugMichael “Sick” Vick, the subhuman ghetto thug famous for both athleticism and the torture, mutilation, and murder of countless dog at his Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting arena, was released from federal prison Thursday, May 20, 2009. He is on furlough and has returned to his Virginia home.

Sick Vick, due to his celebrity status, served a mere 19 months in a federal minimum security facility and escaped all VA state prison time for his unfathomably disgusting, pernicious, and subhuman crimes. He is currently on parole and is due for full release on from federal custody on July 20,  2009, and then faces three more years of supervised probation.

The arrogant piece of filth hopes afterward to resume his NFL career!

One can only hope that one or more people ensure that Vick’s deranged fantasies never come true. It should rot in poverty and anonymity until it finally betters the Earth by dying and removing it’s stench and disease from the human society it lurks within.

Hopefully such a future, a future without hope for Sick Vick, will come about by lawful means. Hopefully the NFL will not debase itself so much as to allow some like Vick ever put on a uniform again.

If, through greed or coercive racial pressures, such a legally arrived at future cannot be, then I must hope and pray to Morrígu that some right-thinking Americans render this creature physically incapable of playing any sport – or mocking humanity by looking actual people in eye or walking on two legs.

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