Bikini Interlude 74

Bikini Interlude – A Slinging It Edition

Just some beautiful women slinging it around. After all, who among us doesn’t love seeing babes in slingkinis?

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Bikini Interlude 55

Bikini Interlude – Slinging It Edition

Like almost all of these I hope beautiful bikini interludes, this one has very little point to it beyond sharing some fine bikini babes. What little point this specific interlude has is the reminder that sling bikinis aka slingkinis exist and we should be thankful for that.

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Bikini Interlude 53

Bikini Interlude – Less Is More Edition

Just a beautiful interlude wherein I show off the glorious fact that, when it comes to bikinis, less is more – as in less bikini per square inch of proud, confident, beautiful woman.

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Bikini Interlude 43

Bikini Interlude – Less Is More Edition

Sometimes, especially when it comes to bikinis, less is definitely more. Taking a more minimalist approach is guaranteed to attract more attention.

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Bikini Interlude 15

Bikini Interlude – Return Of The Slingkinis

As is the case with almost all the Bikini Interlude posts – the only exception to-date being Interlude 4 and Interlude 14, there’s really no real purpose to this post beyond providing myself and any who come here a brief interlude of beauty – and I wanted to reprise the earlier slingkini interlude, because who wouldn’t?

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