A Village Can’t Do It

Raising A Child - A Village Can't Do It
A Village Can’t Do It

Mr. Whitlock has the right of it, perhaps a deeper and broader right of it than he intended. While it’s fairly obvious that he was speaking to the “Black Community” and a few other group that intersect with them, his words and assertion is true across the breadth of the Civilized World. Villages – especially angry, hate-filled villages of failures – can’t raise stable children with the hope of a decent life. It takes parents – IMHO at least two of them and of both genders – who make the commitment to instilling, both by word and deed, ethics and morality into those children. Anything else, and pretty much everything that Liberals, Progressives, and their minority sharecroppers keep demanding and promulgating, leads to children growing up confused, angry, and dealing with long-term effects of a lifetime of systemic abuse.

In point of sad fact, the village is more and more often these days set to destroy a child’s wellbeing and future, instead of raising said child to be healthy, happy, and a good citizen. It takes parents to protect the children from the village, its ways, and what the villages want to turn the child into.

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