A Thought On Absurdity

A simple thought on the absurdity plaguing us today:

We have reached the ultimate stage of absurdity when White people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while Blacks are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?

— jonolan

FYI this, much like my thoughts on disappointment and pride was a correction of Ben Shapiro’s words, is a correction and clarification of Thomas Sowell’s. I’m not as bound by political correctness and a speak more freely, bluntly, and accurately than he can.

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Gen Z Cleaning Instructions

Gen Z Cleaning Instructions
Gen Z Cleaning Instructions

Admittedly, this is largely useless and utterly needless advice since the majority of Gen Z is still living with and off of their parents. But, the minority of the latest, least generation needs it.

Read the instructions; follow the basic rules of reality and life; and try not to ruin your laundry like you’ve ruined everything else in your life.

And, despite their crying, whining, and blaming everyone else, if their lives suck, it’s Gen Z’s fault. It’s not the fault of anyone else. Gen Z got handed and nation and a world to live in that wasn’t overall any better or worse than their parents and grandparents had. It was different in some ways, sure. But it’s no harder now to succeed and be happy than it was in the past. But, somehow Gen Z managed to fuck it and themselves all up.

So, at least, they should learn how to not fuck up their laundry!

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Biden’s Not Responsible

Biden's Not Responsible
Biden’s Not Responsible

The above is the Gods’ honest truth. Biden is not responsible for the fiasco of our pull-out from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s resumption of control of that region; all the Democrats who, through voting or other means, installed that senile, deranged fool as POTUS are.

It was to anyone with any knowledge of the peoples of that region of shitholes a foregone conclusion that the moment the leaders of the Taliban knew that President Trump was forced from office they would abandon any semblance of complying with the terms of the change of power and retake Afghanistan by swift and overwhelming force. It was similarly a foregone conclusion that the Taliban would immediately commit various and sundry atrocities as part of this reconquista of the Graveyard of Empires. President Trump – the man, not any policies or plans set in place through the guidance of his cabinet – was the sole force holding the Taliban in check during this changeover.

Besides, how can we hold Biden responsible for anything when it’s so blatantly obvious that he’s mentally incompetent and not really involved in the actual duties of the President?

But… Some Simple Context

Firstly, the Taliban retaking control of Afghanistan was going to happen and was going to happen now regardless of who is POTUS. President Trump’s team already negotiated that as part of the President’s pledge to the American people to end our “Forever Wars.” So, Biden can’t be held responsible for any of that.

Secondly, some amount of atrocities were always going to be part of that regime change. Under President Trump, they would have been more subdued and handled less publicly, and some might have been delayed until the end of Trump’s second term, but they were always going to happen. So, again, Biden can’t be held responsible for any of that Nobody can; that sort of thing is part of the Afghans’ culture.

Third and finally, the fiasco that has been our pullout from Kabul is neither strange nor unexpected, given how fast Afghanistan “fell” to the Taliban. Nothing within that context is particularly odd or extreme. It looks very much like the other times the US military and intelligence apparatuses have had to withdraw from a theater with some level of haste. So too, to our shame, is the lack of support and extraction for our in-theater, indigenous assets.


So no. I don’t, and I don’t believe anyone should hold Biden responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan right now any more than I would hold him responsible for drooling on- or soiling himself. One and all need to show a certain level of respect to the aged and mentally infirm. Also, as I’ve written above, I don’t see that much to hold anyone accountable for in this situation.

The only ones I feel are responsible for this debacle are those who placed Biden in office. And, even then, I can’t see where they’re responsible for anything other than the specific timing of it and the overtness of the purge going on now in Afghanistan.

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Fishing Ideologies

Fishing Ideologies

Fishing, it’s a thing – a great thing and a great thing to love. Well, to the sane people among us at least; others, not so much. Great or not though, it underscores a lot of the key differences in outlook between the two primary ideologies in the US.

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A Single Brick

A Single Brick Shows The Difference Between Americans And The Blacks And Their Enablers
A Single Brick Shows The Difference

A single brick and how someone chooses to use it shows the difference between the Makers and Eaters and Takers; the citizen and the resident; the American and the Democrat.

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