The Bloodied NFL

The National Football League (NFL) isn’t having a good season so far and the season has just begun. This certainly doesn’t bode especially well the national organization.

Bloodied and Battered NFL Logo
A Bloodied and Battered NFL

Hellfire! Even Congress and the White House has laid into them lately over Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice beating his fiance in an elevator.

This quote seems to sum up the issues that NFL is currently experiencing. It equally well sums up one of America’s more self-destructive flaws of character and thinking.

The season hasnĂ¢â‚¬â„¢t exactly gotten off to a roaring start for the National Football League. With the release of the infamous Ray Rice elevator video, questions about whether the NFL properly investigated the Rice incident and treated other domestic violence incidents with the seriousness, concern and respect they deserve, and more recently the disclosures about Adrian PetersonĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s treatment of his son, the NFL has been battered by bad news.

— Bob Webner
“The Bloodied NFL Shield”

One – We have the tendency to make role models out athletes even though athletic ability has no moral or ethical component and the majority of professional athletes, especially in football, come from backgrounds that never fostered any sort of proper behavior in them. And, of course, when our false gods of sports celebritydom disappoint us by reverting to form, we rant and rail at their employers to punish them harshly – less because of what they did then that they betrayed the image we painted of them.

Two – Our society has reached the point where we want employers to be accountable for the actions of their employees off the job and to harshly punish those employees – termination of their livelihood being the preferred punishment – who violate public sensibilities on their own time.


I don’t think it possible to overly stressed just how bad and how societally destructive these two belief structure are to our nation.

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2 Responses to “The Bloodied NFL”

  1. Buffet Says:

    It would be my sincere pleasure to teach sissy boy a lesson in chivalry. Simply put him and myself in said elevator, or any similarly sized space……and lock the door. Don’t forget to have his mommy on hand when he begins crying for her.

    * Is it evident yet just how much I abhor violence towards women?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, your feelings on the matter are quite clear! They’re similar to my own…though, in the modern world, I’m forced to ask who swung first before passing judgement or breaking the asshole.

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