When Obama Speaks

Obama is a creature of words far more than deeds. He is an instigator, not a doer. Hence, it is noteworthy when either he chooses to speak or to remain silent as either are very telling.

Obama Speach & Silence
When Obama Is Silent & When He Speaks

With every word he utters and with every word he chooses not to, Obama paints America tells a story of the content of his character and where exactly his loyalties are centered.

Sadly, despite the claims of the Liberals and Progressives, Obama will likely not suffer any noticeably consequences for either his speech or his silence. The idea of theirs that one is never free from the consequences of one’s speech is not applied to one’s like Obama since he’s a Black and Blacks must never suffer such consequences.

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How The Game Is Played

When it comes to football, especially high school and college football, how the game is played is supposed to be more important than the score or seasonal standings. This doesn’t seem to be how it actually works most of the time, though. Hence, it great to see when it does and to see teams like St. Clairsville High School’s Red Devils, coaches like Brett McLean, and players like Michael Ferns.

How The Game Is Played…Or Should Be, At Least

It’s really quite a simple thing – but simple seems to be bloody damn hard more often than not – Coach McLean, Michael Ferns, and the starting Red Devils did the right thing and showed the depth and strength of character and fellowship that school athletics are supposed to teach young people.

I could go into all the details but ESPN has does a better job of that than I probably could. Just go to the link in the first paragraph if you want the sad and amazing details.

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