I’m Allowed To If…

I'm Allowed To If...
I’m Allowed To If…

This is sadly how Democrats and their sort think of things. I’m allowed to firebomb a synagogue as long as I shout, “Free Palestine!” Similarly, I’m allowed – or would be if I were a Black – to literally rape, murder, pillage, and burn whole neighborhoods and towns as long as I or others like me shout, “Black Lives Matter.” And now, apparently, I’m somewhat allowed – I’d die a martyr – to gun down children as long as they’re Christians and I’m a Tranny.

That is the nature of our domestic enemies. They’re largely OK with any acts of violence committed by their “Oppressed” upon their “Oppressors.” As long as the perpetrators are not part of the normative majority and the victims either are or are perceived to be close enough to such as to be “deserving” of harm. That is normally considered by them to be simply fighting for freedom or tearing down a racist or bigoted system and, hence, to be excused. Any blame for it is placed upon the victims and society, which “forced” these “Oppressed” to lash out in violence.

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Blacks Don’t Want Biden

Blacks Don't Want Biden. They Want "Revenge"
They want to kill and rape Whites with impunity
Blacks Don’t Want Biden. They Want “Revenge”

This is something that every American should be aware of, understand, and use to inform their actions. The Blacks don’t want Biden. The Blacks don’t want “reform.” The Blacks want “revenge” and to be able to take violent action against the White Race.

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Wreckers Are Real

Wreckers Are Real
Wreckers Are Real

While Wreckers – people who lured ships unto maritime hazards in order to loot the resulting wrecks – seem to be simply a maritime myth, Wreckers do exist; they’re real; they go by the name of Democrats. And it’s the great ship, America that they seek to run aground and plunder.

This is what happens when one political party realizes that large swaths of their constituencies either are- or support and identify with criminals, and even more enable and/or pander to those sorts. It becomes a job necessity to destroy law and order and to resort to Vote By Riot political means.

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Confirmation Bias

The Left's Violent Confirmation Bias
The Left’s Violent Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is a real thing. The Democrats just have an extreme case of it that presents in a specifically pernicious and destructive manner. Then, they are et al insane, some of them congenitally, so this is not shocking.

It is, however, just a sign of these degenerate times.

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Biden-Harris 2020

Biden-Harris 2020
Burn It Down!
Biden-Harris 2020
Burn It All Down

The perfect photo-op and the perfect slogan for the Biden-Harris campaign – or is it the Harris-Biden campaign, or the Harris Campaign together with Biden serving as the presidential nominee?

In any event, “Burn It All Down” is the perfect campaign slogan for them.

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