It’s Called Spring

It's called Spring, you useless Climatards!
It’s Called Spring!

Yeah, this just about perfectly sums up the average, rank and file Warmist Climatard. Panicking and teaching their young to panic over anything and everything that they can somehow, some way claim to be caused by Global Warming – err … Climate Change? – err … Climate Chaos? – err whatever the current brand name is today.

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2 Responses to “It’s Called Spring”

  1. Tony Chianese Says:

    Al Gore should be hoisted with his own petard. How people can be duped by hair brain socialist dummies is remarkable.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Gore certainly should or, given the origin of the phrase, someone’s petard. Yep! IEDs, buddy. Effective and oh so multicultural.

    As for the dupes – it’s easy for them since most them are, at a minimum, soft socialists themselves and the entire AGW craze has always been approached from a socialist angle.

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