God Bless America

County by County, this fairly well sums up the results of the 2012 elections. It also shows by omission those counties who voted in favor of views, rhetoric, and policies that are diametrically opposed to- and antithetical to American values and culture.

True America - May The Gods Bless Her and Her people
May The God(s) Bless Her And Her People

I do fervently hope that the God(s) will bless, protect, and lend strength of heart and arm to America and her true and right sons and daughters who have struggled, and are still struggling, to keep her pure, recognizable, and worthy of Divine favor. I do not, however, ask for our domestic enemies to be smote. That’s our job, for we are our God(s) hands.

The Liberals and Progressives, and the “Black Community” who sharecrop for them will be offended by this image. Of this there is no doubt whatsoever. They’re deeply and viscerally offended by most everything that an American says or does.

It’s a bit odd, though. Not only do the Liberals and Progressives pride themselves on wanting to fundamentally change our nation and make it into something unrecognizable, but they would never belief in nor accept a God’s blessing. Indeed, the entirety of phrase, “God bless America” deeply offends them. Yet they will be offended by the image in this post.

And the “Black Community?” They’ve always claimed that they weren’t Americans, clinging bitterly to their ideas of the Two Americas, Black America and White America. They’ve no room to be offended on that score. Nor do have room to be offended by a God’s blessing upon America since they do not worship the same God as the majority of Americans. Yet they will be offended by this post because being offended is part of their core doctrine and dogma.


NOTE: What the map in the image doesn’t show is either population density of the counties or by what margin they voted against Leftist policies, class warfare, and an allegedly benevolent despotism.

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