Facebook's Meta Rules

Facebook's Meta Rules
Facebook’s Meta Rules

There’s a lot of times when this seems like it should be the message one gets when the thought police at Facebook decide to censor someone. Sadly, they don’t even have a need for it though. They can and have repeatedly applied whatever interpretation and scope of their existing rules to silence individuals that they and/or the Democrats find problematical. And, unless one has enough clout and reach to make a public spectacle out of it, there’s no recourse. Also, and even worse, is that limiting the reach of someone’s opinion, e.g., shadow banning, is “shadowed” for a reason. It’s a silent death of thought since it’s very hard to recognize that it’s happened to a particular victim in most cases.

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… Or Not

Hand Over Mouth Emoji

I just posted about how Elon Musk Is Saving Twitter, since one of the larger purveyors of Fake News, CBS had suspended their use of the platform last Friday. I, obviously, should have added “… or not.”

Yeah, approximately 48 hours after “leaving” Twitter, they were right back at it, to my frustration and Mr. Musk’s amusement.

I really should have known that, like all good things, this wouldn’t last.

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So, Musk Is Saving Twitter

Musk Is Saving Twitter
Musk Is Saving Twitter

We now, as of Friday, November 19, 2022, have empirical evidence that Elon Musk is saving Twitter and greatly reducing the use of the social media platform for spread misinformation/disinformation to the world’s public. Apparently CBS has “suspended” its Twitter use. The Democrat propaganda outlet has indefinitely put a hold posting new tweets in the wake of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and his subsequent cessation of censoring voices that run contrary to the Lamestream Media’s comfort.

It is thought that other media outlets which purport to be journalism will do the same in the coming days, weeks, or months. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, would go a long way towards saving Twitter from continuing to be the Orwellian, Social Justice Safe Space the ex or soon to be ex staff turned it into over the years.

So, much to the chagrin of Liberals, Progressives, and other crybullies, Musk is saving Twitter.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

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Oh Snap, Twitter

Oh Snap, Twitter
Oh Snap, Twitter

Oh Snap! Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter seems to be going a lot like this. A whole lot of Americans domestic enemies seem to be being shattered and blown away by the eradication of their policy-enforced “safe space” where only their voices were allowed. 😉

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Facebook Bans Hate Speech

Facebook's Bans Hate Speech
Facebook’s Bans Hate Speech

The above is something to always remember. Facebook doesn’t ban “Hate Speech;” Facebook bans speech that it hates. There’s also no real, consistent, overarching metric for what exact speech – or simple “keywords” – that Facebook will hate at any given moment. Indeed, their own official specifics are so broad and encompassing – pretty much any negative comment about anyone except healthy, straight, White men – that they could, by design, never be fairly or systematically enforced.

No; at the end of day, Facebook only bans speech that they hate. And, the speech that they hate is largely any speech that might get them tarred and feathered in the Lamestream Media, who very much hate Facebook, and/or might have Zuckerberg in front of Congress again.

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