Facebook Bans Hate Speech

Facebook's Bans Hate Speech
Facebook’s Bans Hate Speech

The above is something to always remember. Facebook doesn’t ban “Hate Speech;” Facebook bans speech that it hates. There’s also no real, consistent, overarching metric for what exact speech – or simple “keywords” – that Facebook will hate at any given moment. Indeed, their own official specifics are so broad and encompassing – pretty much any negative comment about anyone except healthy, straight, White men – that they could, by design, never be fairly or systematically enforced.

No; at the end of day, Facebook only bans speech that they hate. And, the speech that they hate is largely any speech that might get them tarred and feathered in the Lamestream Media, who very much hate Facebook, and/or might have Zuckerberg in front of Congress again.

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