Untrue But Not Unfair

As has been discussed here before, there’s little or truth in any statement blaming a POTUS for high fuel prices or handing them credit for lowering fuel prices. No President has as any real power to affect such prices in the short-term.

That being said, it’s not truly unfair to chastise Obama over this issue because he has repeatedly “no quite called for” exactly a drastic rise in fuel prices in order to make it seem that he wanted to make the Liberals’ dream of “green energy” a reality, however Dystopian.

It's Here - Obama's promised skyrocketing fuel prices
As Obama “Promised,” Skyrocketing Fuel Prices Are Here

H/T to Soylent Green for the image.

Words have consequences and throughout the boy’s 2008 presidential election campaign Obama made statements endorsing a massive, though gradual, rise in fuel prices. So too does the choice of whom one surrounds themselves with have consequences and Obama appointed Steven Chu as his regime’s Secretary of Energy – a man who has been quite open about his desire to spike US energy cost up to European levels in order to make “green energy” commercially viable.

Given the above, while it’s untrue that Obama has raised or failed to lower gasoline and other fuel prices, it’s not unfair to chide him over them since their what he seemed to want his base to believe that he wanted. It’s a case of “Beware what you wish for,” especially if you wish out loud on an open microphone.

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6 Responses to “Untrue But Not Unfair”

  1. pastortimlfc Says:

    Good post. I believe that this president has made it very clear that his intent is to bring us into a more Socialistic form of government.

    He seems to believe the delusion that Eurpoe should be the model to follow.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I used to believe that too. Then I realized that all Obama cares about is being seen as success, which requires getting reelected.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    Liberals don’t have a clue about oil’s role in the economy. From feedstocks for vital chemicals to the fuel that brings your groceries to the store. Every penny increase in oil has a negative effect on economic growth. After a good first quarter the stock market and consumer confidence are getting hammered. There is a direct correlation to the high price of fuel.

    That is a great poster. It has a 1950s quality. All you need is music like the Texaco ‘ you can trust your car to the man who wears the star ‘. 57 states is a nice touch.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Don’t sell the Liberals short; they have as much book learning as anyone else and as much access to the data. There’s no reason to suppose that they don’t understand how important oil is to society.

    They just don’t care. They have other, different priorities than the well-being of the average American and they assume that they can just force the wealthy to pay for subsidizing the minorities – who will definitely be disproportionately (per capita) disadvantaged by crashing the oil industry.

  5. BlackMettle Says:

    Great post Jonolan, and very well said comment replies, you’re spot on. Did you create the Obama poster?

  6. jonolan Says:

    Thank you, Blackmettle.

    Sadly, I didn’t create the poster. I got it from Soylent Green (link in post) who, in turn, got it from somewhere else.

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