You Can Fill Up Now

You Can Fill Up Now
You Can Fill Up Now, Joe

So, Creepy Uncle Joe’s handlers and caretakers aka the Biden Administration is planning replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at a per barrel cost of just under $80. This comes just two years after Democrats blocked President Trump from topping up the petroleum reserve for approximately $24 per barrel, 30% of what Biden & Co. expected cost.

But then, this is and was to be expected. Democrats never cared how much damage they caused to Americans in their war against President Trump and we who supported him. Hence, all it took was a successful removal of him from office to reverse their “policy positions.

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Biden’s Disgust

The Karmic Irony of Biden's Disgust
The Karmic Irony of Biden’s Disgust

There is most certainly a level of karmic irony when it comes to Creepy Uncle Joe’s feelings towards the oil industry. He was installed in office and immediately showed his disgust and antipathy towards America’s domestic oil industry, only to be shown equal levels of disgust by Saudi Arabia when he begged them to delay reducing production until after the 2022 elections. 😆

I’d say that wise men tread lightly around and try to reach mutually tolerable accommodations with those that literally power the world, and hence, have power over the world, but I’ve never heard anyone, not even Democrats, claim that Biden is in any way wise.

Still though, as painful as Biden and Co. are making it for people, the karmic irony he’s being subjected to is amusing.

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Biden Fueling Dems’ Hopes

Biden Fueling Dems’ Hopes In Midterms

The Biden administration begged Saudi Arabia, the de-facto leader of OPEC, to delay its decision to reduce oil production by a month, putting the production cut and its resultant spike in fuel prices Americans will experience safely after the 2022 midterm elections, which are rightly feared by the Left to be a bloodbath for Democrats.

The Saudis outright refused Biden’s plea to save his party’s chances in the midterms and any possible future for Biden’s presidency. They are not going to allow the Democrats’ election chances or Biden’s war against Putin to overrule their own economic interests.

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No! I Want That One

No! I Want That One
No! I Want That One

The image above aptly and with a needed amount of humor sums up Brandon’s bratty demands when it comes to oil. He doesn’t want and won’t accept US oil; he wants OPEC oil, preferably from the Saudis.

Of course, this is the senile, old Democrat who was handed the Presidency and an energy independent nation only to immediately attack its energy production sector. It’s not really a surprise that his actions caused fuel prices to skyrocket to never before seen or even feared levels.

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Lights Out!

Lights Out! With Biden's Energy Policies, This Will Be Every Night
With Biden’s Energy Policies, This Will Be Every Night

So, someone wants us all to believe that Morgan Freeman once stated the desire for us to have an annual holiday, Space Day, when all the word’s lights are turned off for a night so that we can better see the stars.

Sadly for every American trying to survive in these times, with Biden’s – or whatever Leftist cabal’s has their hands up in his colon – idiotic and destructive energy policies, it’s getting dangerously close to the point where “lights out” will be every night and possibly every day as well. And that, my fellow besieged Americans, is the dark side of Biden and Co.’s “Build Back Better.”

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