Alternative Energy

As I’ve said not too long ago, Liberal and Progressive ecotards, especially the Warmists and climatards of today, should be focusing on better sources of renewable energy than solar and/or wind…such as boobs!

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Ass – An Alternative Energy Source

But the issue is, as I recently realized, that such a breast-based energy plan would not be 100% efficient because not everyone is into breasts. Therefor, in order to maximized energy production and diversify the world’s energy portfolio, they should also be researching harnessing the power of women’s asses. 😉

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Such Power!

Liberal and Progressive ecotards, especially the Warmists and climatards of today, are very much against any and all fossil fuels and very, very much in favor of various and sundry alternative energy source. Of course, these delusional Leftists have little to no understanding of economics or the energy density of fuel sources.

Now, if only we could take more advantage of some truly high energy density renewable and sustainable power sources…
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Cleavage – Such Power If Only We Could Harness It

If we truly want renewable, sustainable, ecologically friendly power generation, what we should be researching is how to harness the energy potential of women’s cleavage! The energy women’s tits-to-men’s eyes energy circuit could, if tapped somehow, generate such power as to utterly beggar the imagination. 😉

Really! This should be a no-brainer. We already know the amazing power contained – hopefully barely – within a woman’s decolletage. Also, while some claim it has already been weaponized, it still seems to be the best potential energy source available to Man.

All we have to do is figure out how to harness and transfer the power. Given that we’re getting better and better at applied quantum mechanics, this should be doable – possibly more and more quickly doable even than fusion power.

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High Gas Prices

Ever since Obama was installed in the White House gasoline prices have soared and stayed very significantly higher than they were under President Bush Jr. or any of his predecessors, even the unlamented Carter.

I could better tolerate the high gas prices if the pumps were "full service."
“Full Service” Pumps Would Make It Worth The Price

Now, if the pumps were “full service” and worked by luscious ladies like the one above, I’d be more than OK with price per gallon for fuel.

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Obama’s Singular Truth

As all Americans – and even a large number of Liberals, though essentially NO Blacks – know, Obama is a pathological liar unable to speak the unadulterated truth except in the rarest and most unintentional of instances.

To-date Obama’s singular truth has been one of those rare, unintentional instances. It was when Obama said that energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket” under his regime.

Obama filling station in Detroit, MI
Obama Gas Station In Detroit, MI

Even this wasn’t a totally unadulterated truth. Obama didn’t manage to get all of his energy agenda enacted. Yet, even so, fuel and electricity costs have risen under his regime, largely due to his and his coterie’s incessant attacks upon the energy sector.

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Energy Then And Now

Once, America was an energy powerhouse. Coal, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric power, and later, nuclear power generation brought reasonably priced energy to our people, spurring a lasting economic pace that reshaped and bettered the whole world. Then the Leftists emerged and systematically attacked all parts of the system and America’s energy resources were, one by one, made unnecessarily costly and difficult to bring to we, the People.

Energy Then And Now
Energy Then And Now

And just what do these jabbering Leftists have to replace America’s tried and true means of energy production? To-date all they have are drug-fueled fantasies and delusions stemming from the cognitive inability to differentiate between science-fiction and science-fact.

This is fact. Wind, solar, and geothermal power, along with the various alternative fuels are not ready for the market and none of them can survive as commercial concerns on their own merits. In many cases even extreme levels of government subsidies and tax breaks aren’t enough to ensure their commercial viability. Additionally, many of these means of harnessing energy by non-standard means have negative consequences that haven’t been nearly well enough researched or mitigated as of yet.

Of course, the Leftists, especially the Eco-Left elements, don’t care about that. If anything, they view these failings as positive things since their agenda is more about destroying America as it is and rebuilding it as something fundamentally different than about solving for America’s energy issues.

Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.

— Prof. Maurice King, MD,FRCP, FRCS
University of Leeds

That’s a large part of why they rejected Energy Independence in favor of Global Warming as a platform to work with in order to reach their goals. Their goals had and continue to have little or nothing to do with solving the energy / fuel situation.


NOTE: None of the above should be construed as my saying that new forms of energy production shouldn’t be researched or that our government shouldn’t help fund that research. I’m completely in favor of both research and government help with funding that research.

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