Put Me In, Coach

Put Me In, Coach
Put Me In, Coach

It’s a simple fact that we, the People would be in somewhat better straits right now if Biden hadn’t ran on and fulfilled his campaign promise to do his best to gut the American fossil fuel industry – largely and similarly to everything else this failed administration has done or attempted, because President Trump didn’t hate them. If this administration – not Biden his now senile and never intelligent self – had worked out some deals with our energy companies to make sure that the American energy sector actually used their new leases, we’d probably be sitting pretty nice right now insofar as most of the major economic factors are concerned. And, rather ironically and pleasingly, Biden’s war with Putin would even be going better, since our production and export would encroached upon Russia’s in the global market.

But, “coulda, woulda, shoulda” don’t mean much in politics and always mean that, whatever it was, wasn’t done. And, Biden’s a Democrat and someone who, by his own words, ran for POTUS solely to unseat President Trump and destroy everything he did for America. It’s not like the people who created his campaign and platform for him were going to have him blather or actual do anything to upset their more Leftist base. After all, you can only “fix” election results so far!

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You Can Fill Up Now

You Can Fill Up Now
You Can Fill Up Now, Joe

So, Creepy Uncle Joe’s handlers and caretakers aka the Biden Administration is planning replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at a per barrel cost of just under $80. This comes just two years after Democrats blocked President Trump from topping up the petroleum reserve for approximately $24 per barrel, 30% of what Biden & Co. expected cost.

But then, this is and was to be expected. Democrats never cared how much damage they caused to Americans in their war against President Trump and we who supported him. Hence, all it took was a successful removal of him from office to reverse their “policy positions.

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The Great Green Delusion

The Great Green Delusion – An Electric Fleet

It’s odd that both Elon Musk and Akio Toyoda have been the ones that spoke the truth about converting the world’s fleet of automobiles to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Yet, it’s unsurprising that, aside from a short “news” cycle of outrage and derision from the Green Left, what they said has been ignored by these same delusional climatards and their media outlets.

As there are none so blind as those who will not see, so too are there none so deaf as those who will not hear. And that sums up what passes for the mentality of these sorts. Their delusion is reinforced by the dogma and is not subject to interventions by facts that contradict their visions of the future they want to enact up the world.

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