The President’s Fault

One can rarely help laughing at the antics of jackasses, except when one is forced by their evil or incompetence to take direct action against them. Even then, one can get a chuckle out of theire pleas for mercy and for the pain to stop. 😉

Take as an example the Democrats fluid stance on gasoline prices and who is to blame for them.

It's The President's Fault
Democrats: That’s (Not) The President’s Fault!

For eight years gasoline prices, when they went up, were President Bush’s fault. Now, with their boy, Obama occupying the White House, even higher rising gasoline prices can’t possibly be his fault – even though he campaigned on attacking the oil industry and has, directly and through his proxies, said that he would raise fuel prices in order to make his constituents’ “green energy” corporations profitable.

Yes, the opinions of Democrats are still laughable. They, of course, should be grateful for that. It means Americans haven’t been forced to take direct action against them and their pain hasn’t really started yet. 😆

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8 Responses to “The President’s Fault”

  1. Whateverman Says:

    It’s a fact that no President of these United States has ever been responsible for the price of gasoline. It was wrong to accuse GWB of it, and it’d be wrong to do the same to BO.

  2. jonolan Says:

    By and large you’re correct. Presidents – indeed, the government et al – can only directly effect prices at the pump by adjusting their taxes upon fuel or changing the subsidies that the oil companies receive, and the latter isn’t necessarily going to impact prices for gasoline.

  3. Whateverman Says:


  4. Alan Scott Says:


    I will now post proof that the price at the pump is not high enough.

    If we can just get the price to $15 per gallon, I predict that Government Motors will be able to restart the line and get those guys back to work .

  5. jonolan Says:

    True enough, Alan, but that’s just rhetoric from the proxies for the Campaigner-in-Chief and his handlers. There’s actually very few things that the government can do to enact short-term prices changes in retail fuel costs – except changing their taxes upon it.

    Obama may want to raise those prices in order to curry favor with the Liberals and provide value for dollar to his financial backers but there’s really little that he can do for them on that front.

  6. Alfie Says:

    I’ve found your most recent to be pretty interesting posts. I love the toon and theme in this one. The RO. insurance vid was bizarre but has that classic eclectic edge found in the Murky Pond. I also found the imagery and post re Obama message true.

    On a side note for what its worth I’ll add my voice to WP re deeming you blockable. Perhaps if a couple of WP bloggers continue to “approve” you the system will learn right from wrong.

    Keep it up!

  7. jonolan Says:

    Thanks, Alfie. I’m glad you liked some of my recent offerings.

    As for WordPress – either from mechanics or from direct intervention on their part – the Akismet team swears it isn’t them – the situation doesn’t improve with people approving the comments.

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