Progress v. Regress

There’s more than a little talk about Conservatives actually being regressive rather than merely conservative and there is, or at least should be, some truth to that claim because the opposing force to the Liberals and Progressives march to dissolution and dissipation cannot be an attempt to merely “hold the line.”

What Passes For Progressive Progress

It’s natural law that change is almost always entropic in nature and that most mutations are lethally negative. This, judging from Man’s history, holds true for societal functions as well.

One need only look at what the agendas of the Liberals and Progressives have wrought so far in order see the objective truth of this.

Go Back! We Fucked Up Everything!

Progress to a better societal state, as opposed to change for the sake of change in the hope that it’ll be better somehow, sometimes means accepting that you’re on the wrong road and turning back before you run off a cliff or become mired in a foetid swamp or tar pit. 😉

When you’re this far off course and heading towards disaster, you don’t just stop; you turn around and move the other way at speed. If that means refusing to be relegated to the backseat and taking the reins by force, so be it.

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  1. Alan Scott Says:


    Are you saying that the Occupy gene is a lethal mutation? I personally do not. I think the Occupy Wall Street news clips are the lost footage from the first Planet of the Apes Movie of how the Apes took over the World.

  2. jonolan Says:


  3. Paras Says:

    My response to this pic

  4. jonolan Says:

    How cute. It thinks it knows something and has some worth. 😆

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