Facebook Bans Hate Speech

Facebook's Bans Hate Speech
Facebook’s Bans Hate Speech

The above is something to always remember. Facebook doesn’t ban “Hate Speech;” Facebook bans speech that it hates. There’s also no real, consistent, overarching metric for what exact speech – or simple “keywords” – that Facebook will hate at any given moment. Indeed, their own official specifics are so broad and encompassing – pretty much any negative comment about anyone except healthy, straight, White men – that they could, by design, never be fairly or systematically enforced.

No; at the end of day, Facebook only bans speech that they hate. And, the speech that they hate is largely any speech that might get them tarred and feathered in the Lamestream Media, who very much hate Facebook, and/or might have Zuckerberg in front of Congress again.

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Facebook 2020 Elections

Facebook 2020 Elections
Facebook 2020 Elections

Oh, the sorts running and working at Fascistbook will probably never quite come out and say it, but blocking, jailing, and deplatforming as many American voices as possible is definitely part of their agenda in the lead up to the 2020 elections.

Their latest target has been Black Conservative, Candace Owens. They actually went so far as to authorize special scrutiny of Ms. Owens’ public persona, her ideology, actions, and major news involving her. The policy review team was also instructed to list any and all “Affiliated Hate Entities” of Owens – whatever those are.

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Burn This Bitch Down

There’s little to say in favor of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s “stepfather” who helped incite the riots, looting, and burning of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Officer Darren Wilson not be indicted by the grand jury. There’s little to say in the buck’s favor but not nothing. His screaming, “Burn this bitch down!” may well be an important teaching moment.

Obama:  Burn This Bitch Down!
Obama to America: Burn This Bitch Down!

Louis Head’s screaming of, “Burn this bitch down!” may explain the entirety of the Obama presidency better than anything else has ever explained it.

Head didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  Obama as well didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum of violence and immediacy of reaction but the underlying feelings and responses to stimuli are the same.

Seen in the light of the “teaching moment” that Louis Head provided America, Obama’s foreign, economic, and domestic policy decisions and positions make sense now, where once they didn’t.

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She’s Such An Example

Well, Moochelle the Grifter is out stumping around for her husband in the hopes that enough of America’s domestic enemies will vote for him so that she can maintain the taxpayer-funded lifestyle that’s she’s gotten so accustomed to wallowing in.

Moochelle's Hate Speech
If You Don’t Vote For Barack You’re Rich, White, Racist Pig

As is to be expected though, her oratory can best be described as hate speech and dog-whistle racial attacks at any and all Whites who happen to have been successful in life – except, of course, for any of them who feel guilty over working and reaping the rewards of their labor.

All this while tricked out from head to toe in the finest costuming and makeup that the American people could be forced to buy for her.

She’s such an example…

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Politics Of Division

Obama, his handlers and proxies, and the Democrat party in general want Americans to believe that they’re inclusive and not centered upon the politics of division as the means of keeping power and their jobs. This is, of course, a lie and particularly stupid and poor executed one at that.

This is because you can’t lie effectively with only one side of your respective faces.

It’s just not possible to successfully claim inclusivity when you’re constantly attempting to “other” various groups of Americans, who together make up the majority and backbone of American culture, in order to pander to various exilic and inimical elements of the voting population.

While for decades the Democrats have based their platform on class warfare, and racial, gender, and sexual politics – all the while claiming to be inclusive – the situation has, with the advent of Obama, rapidly degenerated into a dangerous farce – not surprising since “dangerous farce” is an apt, if terse, description of the Campaigner-in-Chief.

Frankly, the entirety of Obama’s and the Democrats political platform is hate speech and is designed to influence certain historically Democratic voting blocs to engage in violence against Americans.

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