Burn This Bitch Down

There’s little to say in favor of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s “stepfather” who helped incite the riots, looting, and burning of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Officer Darren Wilson not be indicted by the grand jury. There’s little to say in the buck’s favor but not nothing. His screaming, “Burn this bitch down!” may well be an important teaching moment.

Obama:  Burn This Bitch Down!
Obama to America: Burn This Bitch Down!

Louis Head’s screaming of, “Burn this bitch down!” may explain the entirety of the Obama presidency better than anything else has ever explained it.

Head didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  Obama as well didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum of violence and immediacy of reaction but the underlying feelings and responses to stimuli are the same.

Seen in the light of the “teaching moment” that Louis Head provided America, Obama’s foreign, economic, and domestic policy decisions and positions make sense now, where once they didn’t.

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No Negotiations

Ferguson Hostage Situation
No Negotiations!

So, after not getting their way and the blood of Officer Darren Wilson, the ghetto thugs in Ferguson, MO have decided to riot, loot, and generally take the town hostage. This was, of course, the expected result of the grand jury following the laws of the land.

What we Americans must remember is that it is wrong and stupid to negotiate with terrorists, insurrectionists, and hostage-takers. We should just quarantine and cordon off the effected areas and tell these animals, “Go ahead, burn this bitch down. We don’t care.”

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Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

As America braces itself for yet another round of race riots, looting, and generalized feral behavior from the ghetto thugs in Ferguson, MO and the greater St. Louis area, it behooves the more civilized members of the nation to act as the vermin’s keepers and overseers. Hence, here’s a suggestion for reworking their battle chant of, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!”

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

At least for the women involved this is probably the best way of joining into this sort of frenzy. One, the police are far from likely to shoot a woman such dishabille and position. Two, the hand bra, with its underboob and sideboob presentation is sure to garner them the level of attention their craving. And three, this sort of display is likely to increase the otherwise deservedly lacking level of sympathy towards these race-baiting rioters, looters, and grievance-mongers. 😉

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Roving Grotesqueries

Eric Holder's Dept of Racial Justice is grotesqueAfter two weeks or so, Ferguson, MO is finally experiencing some level of calm…for now at least. There’s little doubt that the ever-angry and quick to enrage Blacks will resume their rioting, looting, and (un)civil protests forthwith if and when the grand jury fails to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, an outcome that seems more and more likely as evidence piles up in Officer Wilson’s favor.

But a return to race riots is only part of the upcoming problems for the local and state police and officer Wilson. There is also the issue that Eric Holder has dispatched a team of “special prosecutors” to Missouri to ensure that racial justice is upheld by any means necessary. This, however, is to be expected since Holder and his special teams in the DOJ Civil Rights Division are grotesque. Indeed, one could best describe both Holder and the Racial Justice Department special prosecutors as grotesqueries, since they are very ugly or comically distorted figures or images of what they should be and combine human and animal features.

You see, Holder’s “special prosecutors” are from the same team, probably many of same personnel in fact, who a federal judge described as being grotesque, perfidious, and skullduggerous last year in his 129 page order to overturn their conviction of five New Orleans police officers tied to the shooting of unarmed civilians during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Given that no part of the Obama Regime – certainly not Holder and Co. – have shown any ability to learn from their mistakes, we can expect the same sort of grotesque, criminal, and morally bankrupt behavior from then in Ferguson that they displayed in New Orleans.

So, thanks to these roving grotesqueries, the race-riots and unrest will return shortly. They must; it’s one of the tactics that Holder’s DOJ uses to ensure convictions of Whites charged with “Civil Rights” violations.

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