Roving Grotesqueries

Eric Holder's Dept of Racial Justice is grotesqueAfter two weeks or so, Ferguson, MO is finally experiencing some level of calm…for now at least. There’s little doubt that the ever-angry and quick to enrage Blacks will resume their rioting, looting, and (un)civil protests forthwith if and when the grand jury fails to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, an outcome that seems more and more likely as evidence piles up in Officer Wilson’s favor.

But a return to race riots is only part of the upcoming problems for the local and state police and officer Wilson. There is also the issue that Eric Holder has dispatched a team of “special prosecutors” to Missouri to ensure that racial justice is upheld by any means necessary. This, however, is to be expected since Holder and his special teams in the DOJ Civil Rights Division are grotesque. Indeed, one could best describe both Holder and the Racial Justice Department special prosecutors as grotesqueries, since they are very ugly or comically distorted figures or images of what they should be and combine human and animal features.

You see, Holder’s “special prosecutors” are from the same team, probably many of same personnel in fact, who a federal judge described as being grotesque, perfidious, and skullduggerous last year in his 129 page order to overturn their conviction of five New Orleans police officers tied to the shooting of unarmed civilians during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Given that no part of the Obama Regime – certainly not Holder and Co. – have shown any ability to learn from their mistakes, we can expect the same sort of grotesque, criminal, and morally bankrupt behavior from then in Ferguson that they displayed in New Orleans.

So, thanks to these roving grotesqueries, the race-riots and unrest will return shortly. They must; it’s one of the tactics that Holder’s DOJ uses to ensure convictions of Whites charged with “Civil Rights” violations.

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