Diversity Finally Achieved

Diversity Finally Achieved
Diversity Finally Achieved

A #Woke victory! Diversity finally achieved at great cost! The colonizers have been beaten back and driven away; Osgiliath’s population is now 100% Orcish. Of course, it was a short-lived victory and all the brave, Orcish freedom fighters became victims of Aragorn.

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Victims Of Aragorn


Victim Of Aragorn
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Gondor and all of the West are bloody well lucky that they didn’t have anything even close to being similar to modern Liberals and Progressives. If they had, Gondor would have fallen and there would have been the equivalent of the cover depicted above.

They’d have been rioting all over Minas Tirith, screaming, “#OrclivesMatter! End Numenorian Privilege! Rohirrim are Racist!” It’d have been a mess and would likely have ended with Sauron ruling Middle Earth.

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