What Their Pronouns Mean

What Their Pronouns Mean
What Their Pronouns Mean

This is the way every American parent should handle teaching our children about people’s “pronouns.” We need to teach our children that, if a person specifies their pronouns and/or demands certain ones that are not intuitive be used for them, then they are insane and a danger to be avoided. They same holds true for any that specify and/or demand that specific, unintuitive pronouns be used when addressing or referencing others. They too are either crazy or are enabling the crazy people and, hence, are a similar or even worse danger to our children.

Part of protecting our children is to teach them how to protect themselves and “pronouns” are a strong and easy “red flag” that the person should be treated in the same manner as we taught our children to deal with strangers who accosted them.

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True But Unfair

Chicago Was Safer Under Capone - True But Unfair
Chicago Was Safer Under Capone – True But Unfair

It’s quite true that Chicago was safer for the majority of residents and visitors during the past times when Al Capone and his mob effectively ran the city than it is today under Lightfoot or her predecessors of the last few decades. This is, however, an grossly unfair and misleading comparison. Society was different and objectively better in Capone’s time than it is now or has been for some time, and that is what’s causing the city’s collapse and increased danger.

Simply put, society in general and the specific demographic causing most modern violence in Chicago was better in that it was less prone to serious violence in the 1920s than it has been since the 1960s. Hence, while objectively true, the statement that Chicago was safer when Al Capone ran the city is misleading and unfair to a large extent.

Yes, the politicians placed in charge in the past few decades have done nothing to stop the problems, mostly because they cared more about votes from the problem groups and their enablers than in safety and the rule of law. But still, we’re not the same. It’s, while true, it’s not at all fair to compare the current population with their betters of bygone days.

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Respect The Brew

Respect The Brew

Truly! Respect the brew. There are mornings when it’s the only reason you live to see lunchtime. And, I do mean you, not me – for the generic “you” meaning anyone around me.

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Warning To Swimmers

Warning - Fake Tits Don't FLoat
Warning To Swimmers

Since I post bikini babe pics quite often, I’ve decided to be a responsible blogger and provide this PSA.

Your aftermarket breasts, eye-catching and delightful as they may be, are not flotation devices! They will not make you buoyant. They are not a suitable alternative to a life vest.

Breast implants, even those placed above the muscles of the chest, are not capable of making a person float. This is true for all types of breast implants, regardless of size, shape, filling, or density.

They may, however, in the event of drowning, decrease the response time of rescue personnel and increase your likelihood of survival, primarily due their drawing and keeping the attention of potential rescuers. ๐Ÿ˜›

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