True But Unfair

Chicago Was Safer Under Capone - True But Unfair
Chicago Was Safer Under Capone – True But Unfair

It’s quite true that Chicago was safer for the majority of residents and visitors during the past times when Al Capone and his mob effectively ran the city than it is today under Lightfoot or her predecessors of the last few decades. This is, however, an grossly unfair and misleading comparison. Society was different and objectively better in Capone’s time than it is now or has been for some time, and that is what’s causing the city’s collapse and increased danger.

Simply put, society in general and the specific demographic causing most modern violence in Chicago was better in that it was less prone to serious violence in the 1920s than it has been since the 1960s. Hence, while objectively true, the statement that Chicago was safer when Al Capone ran the city is misleading and unfair to a large extent.

Yes, the politicians placed in charge in the past few decades have done nothing to stop the problems, mostly because they cared more about votes from the problem groups and their enablers than in safety and the rule of law. But still, we’re not the same. It’s, while true, it’s not at all fair to compare the current population with their betters of bygone days.

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