The Mueller Process

The Mueller Process
The Mueller Process

The Democrats’ Witch-Hunter General, Robert Mueller is fairly good at getting his victims to confess and make plea deals. Then, his process and methods have the weight of history behind them. 😉

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Climate Heresy

The Magisterium of the Warmist faith have- and make great use of their Inquisition.  Woe betide the scientist who strays from orthodoxy and into climate heresy. While the Inquisitions tools are different than they were, they are no less terrifying to those who have failed to appreciate and follow the AGW doctrine as it is set forth for them.

Global Warming Heresy
The Climate Change Inquisition Brooks No Heresy

For those souls who do not accept the incontrovertible Word of Mann, there is nothing but confinement and pain until such time as the recant and return to the Global Warming flock.

I’m left wondering, however, about how many, if any, dedicated scientists muttered, “Eppure si raffredda.” after their required Auto-da-fé.

For those who don’t already know, Eppure si raffredda is Italian for “But it cools” which is a riff upon- and homage to Galileo Galilei’s utterance of, “Eppur si muove” – But yet it moves – after after his being forced to recant that the earth moves around the sun by the Inquisition.

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The Auto-da-fé Continues

Never believe, even for instant, that the Inquisition ever ended or that the “faithful” have ever ceased clamoring for the auto-da-fé to be performed by heretics and apostates before their destruction. All that has changed is the “church” and “faithful” in question and nature of the heresies and apostasies to be rooted out and condemned.

Zichy Mihály's Auto-da-fé
Zichy Mihály’s Auto-da-fé

Long ago it was the Catholic Church protecting itself and it’s doctrine via the Inquisition. In these times it’s the Politically Correct Liberals and Progressives who carry out the Inquisition and demand the auto-da-fé to enforce societal conformity and promulgate their claims of the orthodoxy of their doctrine.

One need only watch the viciousness and pageantry of their assaults upon anyone, especially any “celebrity” or public figure who does not maintain and spout their dogma about the special state of “grace” of: queers, abortion, women’s proper place in society, and/or the specially protected minority groups in order to see this as being cold, hard fact. These Leftists do not tolerate such heresies and are both quick and strident in their calls for their victim to profess his or her faith and failing before they destroy them as utterly as they are capable of doing.

If the above isn’t enough to prove that the Politically Correct Liberals’ and Progressives’ conduct the inquisition against heretics, look at how they respond to any Black that commits apostasy and actually speaks out for America and against the failures and destructive behaviors of the “Black Community.” And, as well, look at how they encourage the “Faithful” Blacks to treat these apostates.

No! Do not mistake this for a mere political opinion and “strong and vigorous debate” upon the cultural and ethical future of America.  This is a religious matter and, given the actions of the Left, it is both a civil war and a holy war. We, the People of America must understand this and act accordingly unless we, one by one, suffer the Liberals’ and Progressives’ inquisition and be forced to commit the auto-da-fé ourselves.

The auto-da-fé continues and it is up to the American people to drive it and its perpetrators from our land.


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