The GOP’s Pledge

On Thursday, September 23, 2010  the Republican Party leadership released what they claim is their new covenant with we, the People of the United States of America. They described it as- and titled it A Pledge To America.

This Pledge, reminiscent of their 1994 Contract With America, was unveiled with limited fanfare during an event at a hardware store in Sterling, VA. It has prompted a mixture of scorn and fearful, hate-filled rhetoric from the Liberals and a mixture of responses ranging from disdain to provisional acceptance from the American people.

GOP Pledge to America

What I think is interesting and quite telling is that the vitriol spewing from the Left seems to be because they believe the GOP but the lack of enthusiasm for the GOP’s Pledge seems to be because the Right and the Center don’t believe them.

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5 Responses to “The GOP’s Pledge”

  1. milton Says:

    who in their right mind would take a 48 page pamphlet with 1/2 of it consisting of pictures seriously!!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?! this is written like a bad senior thesis. if the just-say-no obstructionist right and the tea party morons (sorry, but they are) take over, it will put this country on a fast track to a theocratic dictatorship!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Americans take it seriously, though with healthy grain salt, milton.

    As for the rest of what passes for your stated opinion – that just shows the level of your own anti-Americanism and that you’re an enemy of America who should be exterminated along with any misborn crotch-dropping you might have rutted into some Liberal whore.

  3. milton Says:

    grain of salt? you can’t be serious!? was there a pledge regarding education in there? healthcare? it’s a total joke. AND it was written by brian wild… a lobbyist!

    forgive me if i bushify this phrase, but when america is right i will defend it, but when it is wrong i will right it…

    … and your overt threat of extermination and violence demonstrates how anti-american YOU are sir and how far one is willing to go to stifle free speach and opinion.

    i will pray for you.

  4. jonolan Says:

    It’s a simple thing, really. It’s called defending America against all enemies, foreign or domestic. That includes the filthy Liberals who live as parasites within the body of America.

    You want to call me un-American, fine. It’s not as if your sort is entitled to have an American care what your opinion is.

    By now, vermin. We’re neighbors, so perhaps you’d best rethink coming back here.

  5. milton Says:

    i had this next-door neighbor once.

    we each thought the other was a bit strange. but we then realized that it was just a big cultural difference. and when we found some common ground, our families grew very fond of each other. although we never really entered each others homes we always exchanged pleasantries and hellos. exchanged backyard plants and vegetation. and where i come from, you often trust your neighbors more than (certain) family members. we moved away after 20 years. it was very emotional.

    i hope you find peace with your other neighbors the same way i did. peace.

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