Media Fact-Checking

Yes, it’s true; fact-checking the statements of politicians and political candidates is important. Yet, a horrid issue has arisen in that the organizations and people entrusted by the masses with such fact-checking, the MSM, is grossly lacking in the integrity to properly do so. Media fact-checking is generally considered to be so biased as to be worthless as a source of checking actual facts.

Media Fact-Checking
Media Fact-Checking Today

The only good thing is that the American people have, by and large, figured out the Lamestream Media is biased in all facets of their presentation of events, including fact-checking. Hellfire! They’re open and unapologetic about it these days.

It’s a proven fact that the majority voters know that the media plays favorites when it comes to fact-checking candidates’ statements. It’s also understood that the media today is little more than a propaganda service for the Democrat party. Indeed a recent polls shows that just 29% of all likely US voters have any trust the media’s fact-checking of candidates’ comments. 62% believe instead that media skew the facts to help candidates they support.

This well-thought distrust of the impartiality isn’t evenly distributed though. 88% of of voters who are likely to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential race believe news organizations skew the facts as do a majority of both Gary Johnson’s (Libertarian) and Jill Stein’s (Green) supporters, whereas fully 59% of Clinton’s followers trust the media fact-checking.

In actuality though, this intellectual or deontological “dimorphism” or disparity is expected and well-understood. Clinton’s followers are hearing being told what they want to hear and already believe. Hence, a variety of confirmation bias goes into effect, causing them to trust and believe what the Lamestream media tells them. At the same time, the media’s fact-checkers – the majority of whom are somewhere on the Liberal / Progressive arc – suffer from a form of observer bias which taints their findings in favor of the candidate(s) – normally Democrats – they support.

As evidence of this effect I refer you to the past, when those on the left very much did not trust much of what the media told them, fact-checking or otherwise, that was not against Operation Desert Shield and later Desert Storm. When the media wasn’t reinforcing the Liberals’ and Progressives’ beliefs they distrusted them and what they reported.

And, my Fellow Americans, I believe that this will just get worse, especially if Clinton is allowed to secure the Presidency. The news media is a for-profit operation. It’s beholden to its viewership to secure the ratings it needs to get the highest bids for its commercial spots. As more Americans tune out the Lamestream media the outlets will swing even further into the Left’s pockets in order to keep enough viewers to stay afloat.

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US Political Parties

US Political Parties
US Political Parties & Their Mascots

Yep! Just as the Democrats have their jackass and the Republicans have their elephant, the “third parties” should have mascot too… the unicorn. It’d be perfectly in keeping with the nature of such things.

Face it, nothing is more appropriate as a mascot for any of the fringe parties, i.e., anything except the Democrats and Republicans, in America than that most fantastic of the fantasy creature, the unicorn since they’ve as much chance of making a measurable difference in American politics as Kim Kardashian does of catching a unicorn.

NOTE: The above is in the context of national politics. Members of any of the various “other” parties in America can and do get elected at municipal and even occasionally state levels.

In my opinion this is fundamentally because there’s no real difference except by degrees of intensity between the parties. Libertarians are essentially just more extreme and less practical versions of Republicans and Socialists and Greens are just more extreme and less practical versions of Democrats. None of them have specific, different agendas and platforms than the “real” US political parties.

Truly! How can they be different from the “Big Two?” Every candidate at the higher levels of politics is expected to have a position and preferably policy on every issue. This means that, unlike Britain and other more parliamentary governments single issue parties can’t exist and all the parties end up coming down on one or the other sides of the fence. This makes any parties other than the Democrats and Republicans extraneous at best, and makes their success a fantasy.

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We’re Stronger Together

On of Hillary’s more recent attempts at a campaign slogan and apparently a book is “We’re Stronger Together.” It begs the question, however, of stronger against what or whom.

We're Stronger Together
We’re Stronger Together

Actually, it’s not much of a question. In a reprise of Obama’s variations on a them of “We Can’t Let Them Win,” the enemy is the American people, especially: Whites, men, Christians, and heterosexuals. Most especially, it’s the GOP and anyone who might vote for members of the Republican Party. We are, after all, what Hillary, her supporters, and those they pander to and enable consider deplorables.

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Obama Faces Hazard

Obama faces a certain hazard with the new, GOP-controlled CongressObama Faces Certain Hazard

With both sides of the 114th Congress under Republican control, Obama definitely faces a certain hazard. Then, with the entirety of the boy’s tenure as POTUS being – kindly, to the point of being a hand-out – best described as a “mulligan,” this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Ave Atque Vale, Senator

Senator Edward W. Brooke IIIAve atque vale, Senator Edward W. Brooke III.

Edward W. Brooke III, who in 1966 became the first Black elected to the US Senate by popular vote, winning as a Republican in overwhelmingly Democratic Massachusetts, died on Saturday, January 3, 2014 at his home in Coral Gables, Fla. Brooke was 95 years old.

Previously, Mr. Brooke was twice elected Attorney General of Massachusetts and was the first Black to be elected Attorney General of any state.

The only previous Black Senators were Blanche Kelso Bruce and Hiram Rhodes Revels – unsurprisingly both Republicans – who were elected prior to the 17th Amendment, hence not by voters but, instead, by the Mississippi Legislature during the punitive years of the Reconstruction.

I will not pretend that I agreed with all of Sen. Brooke’s politics, but I will also not pretend that I disagreed with all of them either. Nor will I say that he served with less than grace, dignity, and firm commitment to both his constituency and his principles, walking a difficult and fine line when the two were at odds.

Ave atque vale, Senator Edward W. Brooke III. Hail and farewell.

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