Obama Faces Hazard

Obama faces a certain hazard with the new, GOP-controlled CongressObama Faces Certain Hazard

With both sides of the 114th Congress under Republican control, Obama definitely faces a certain hazard. Then, with the entirety of the boy’s tenure as POTUS being – kindly, to the point of being a hand-out – best described as a “mulligan,” this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Where Did Ebola Go?

Ebola Just Up and Vanished
Ebola Just Up and Vanished

Well, the simple answer is that Ebola hasn’t gone anywhere. Indeed, despite the now near complete media blackout, Ebola is progressing apace in West Africa.

What has happened is that the American news cycle has moved on because both Americans and Liberals, quite rightly, can’t sustain interest in fighting a disease that is endemic to West Africa and which poses only a limited risk to America.

The only reasons it made the news in the first place is because Obama, in the lead up to the 2014 elections, made a big, public deal about it and this resulted in Ebola reaching US shore and being very poorly contained. Once the combination of public outcry causing a tightening of containment procedures and the election being over, Ebola stopped being news.

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The Zombie POTUS

It’s politically acceptable to describe Obama as a Lame Duck POTUS since he cannot stand for reelection. A better, much more honest, and, hence, unacceptable thing to do would be call Obama a Zombie POTUS.

Zombie Obama
The Zombie POTUS

Not only can the boy not be reelected, his policies – indeed, his rhetoric and everything he a portrayed himself as doing – are a large part of the reason that the Democrats lost and lost big in both the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, even though many Dems did their best to turn on the boy and distance themselves from him.

This is, of course, not to say that Obama doesn’t still pose a clear and present danger to America and Americans. Even feculent shufflers like him can and will do what harm they can. The boy does after all have absolutely nothing to lose and has enough lame duck Senators to cause problems.

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Run ‘Bama Run!

Obama Elephant Stampede
Run ‘Bama Run!

With the 2014 midterm election ending in Republican control of House, Senate, 30+ Governorships, and most state houses, it’s pretty clear that Obama should be getting ready to flee before the stampede that is coming. I don’t, however, see that happening. Like the ever-so-typical African dictator of fact and fiction, the boy’s too narcissistic and ignorant to not stand before it. 😉

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Freedom’s Lubricant

Well done, My Fellow Americans! We have expanded America’s control of the House, taken the Senate from our domestic enemies, and now hold 31 Governorships across the several States.

Liberals tears are Freedom's lubricant
Liberals’ Tears Are Freedom’s Lubricant

Yes! Liberals are crying and that’s a great and good thing because Liberals’ tears are Freedom’s lubricant. Every anguished or angry tear shed from the eyes of Liberal, Progressive, or their minority tenants slicks the gears of liberty and make the engine of America run more smoothly and more powerfully.

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