Le Morte d’Amérique

It’s taken 50 years of ongoing decline, but the long, slow death of America has stumbled and trudged apace.

From Camelot to Scamalot - Kennedy to Obama, the death of AmericaFrom Camelot To Scamalot

Not only has Camelot fallen, it has no been openly mocked and lampooned in the installation of Obama as POTUS. Truly, we have gone from Kennedy’s Camelot to Obama’s Scamalot. Even the men of Monty Python fame couldn’t more turn a legend on its ear.

Le Morte d’Amérique indeed! But there will be no grand and high prose such as Sir Thomas Malory penned. This lament will be written in banal soundbites by the MSM.

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One Response to “Le Morte d’Amérique

  1. Buffet Says:

    If only Oswald would have trined his sights at the target on the right instead of the one on the left………..wait a minute, had the left not died, it’s extremely doubtful the right would ever existed?

    The photo saddens and sickens me, all at once.

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