Media Fact-Checking

Yes, it’s true; fact-checking the statements of politicians and political candidates is important. Yet, a horrid issue has arisen in that the organizations and people entrusted by the masses with such fact-checking, the MSM, is grossly lacking in the integrity to properly do so. Media fact-checking is generally considered to be so biased as to be worthless as a source of checking actual facts.

Media Fact-Checking
Media Fact-Checking Today

The only good thing is that the American people have, by and large, figured out the Lamestream Media is biased in all facets of their presentation of events, including fact-checking. Hellfire! They’re open and unapologetic about it these days.

It’s a proven fact that the majority voters know that the media plays favorites when it comes to fact-checking candidates’ statements. It’s also understood that the media today is little more than a propaganda service for the Democrat party. Indeed a recent polls shows that just 29% of all likely US voters have any trust the media’s fact-checking of candidates’ comments. 62% believe instead that media skew the facts to help candidates they support.

This well-thought distrust of the impartiality isn’t evenly distributed though. 88% of of voters who are likely to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential race believe news organizations skew the facts as do a majority of both Gary Johnson’s (Libertarian) and Jill Stein’s (Green) supporters, whereas fully 59% of Clinton’s followers trust the media fact-checking.

In actuality though, this intellectual or deontological “dimorphism” or disparity is expected and well-understood. Clinton’s followers are hearing being told what they want to hear and already believe. Hence, a variety of confirmation bias goes into effect, causing them to trust and believe what the Lamestream media tells them. At the same time, the media’s fact-checkers – the majority of whom are somewhere on the Liberal / Progressive arc – suffer from a form of observer bias which taints their findings in favor of the candidate(s) – normally Democrats – they support.

As evidence of this effect I refer you to the past, when those on the left very much did not trust much of what the media told them, fact-checking or otherwise, that was not against Operation Desert Shield and later Desert Storm. When the media wasn’t reinforcing the Liberals’ and Progressives’ beliefs they distrusted them and what they reported.

And, my Fellow Americans, I believe that this will just get worse, especially if Clinton is allowed to secure the Presidency. The news media is a for-profit operation. It’s beholden to its viewership to secure the ratings it needs to get the highest bids for its commercial spots. As more Americans tune out the Lamestream media the outlets will swing even further into the Left’s pockets in order to keep enough viewers to stay afloat.

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