Freedom Is Freedom

Freedom Is Freedom

Freedom is freedom, after all. Hence, if we are forced to allow filth to desecrate our flag and/or the flags of our allies, burning the Hamas flag must be A-OK too. That just makes sense. You can’t have laws protecting some but not others, right?

Wrong, at least functionally wrong for the average American citizen. While various ever-so-educated legal pundits and scholars will claim from the rarefied safety, comfort, and isolation of their ivory towers that, in the absence of other factors, these are each protected acts of symbolic free speech, on the ground this isn’t the truth at all. In any Leftist controlled zone – geopolitical or digital – there are almost always those other factors. And, few if any normal Americans have the means or wherewithal to contest either the State or the platform when they are imprisoned or otherwise censored.

I mean, sure, if you burn the Hamas flag at home where nobody can see you do it, you’re “protected.” But, if you burn it where the things support Hamas can see it, you’re likely to be arrested, suspended from school, and/ or deplatformed. Conversely, they can do pretty much whatever they desire and the police will protect them, even up to using lethal force against you if you try to stop them.

Yeah, freedom is freedom… until it isn’t.

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