Mosul Eisley

Right now in a sandbox far, far away…

Mosul Eisly - A hive of scum and villainy
Mosul Eisley 2014

With Al Qaeda having taken the city by force, it seems that, after a brief renaissance, Mosul is once more a wretched hive of scum and villainy and, more than likely, there’s absolutely nothing that we can do about it.

We lack the appropriate forces to send…

Jedi Templar
Non Nobis Impetus, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam

Yep! I haven’t seen or heard of any of the Jedi Knights Templar being around and available for this sort of enterprise.

I suppose that will should, and will likely have to, let the Iraqis deal with their own problem this time. After all, we helped them build their government and train their forces, and then left their country both on the original timeline as set forth by President Bush Jr. and abided by Obama and at the incontrovertible and stern request of that very Iraqi government that is now having a problem.

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