The Jihad Squad

They're The Jihad Squad
They’re The Jihad Squad

These four Democrats: Rashida Tlaib (MI-12), Cori Bush (MO-1), Ilhan Omar (MN-5), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) are the Jihad Squad. They hate America; they hate Israel; and they overtly and fanatically support terrorists, both foreign and domestic; e.g., Hamas and #BLM. They and whatever kin they have need to be treated as such, and not just with meaningless censures by Congress. We, the People must use any means necessary to ensure that, from sea to shining sea America is free of them.

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Double Loyalty?

Double Loyalty
Jews In Congress Have Double Loyalty?

It’s a bit ironic that Tlaib and Omar, both with deep ties to foreign groups and Muslim Organizations have issues with Jews being allowed to serve in Congress, claiming that they have “Double Loyalty” – .presumably to both the US and Israel. Well, it would be ironic if they weren’t just jabbering genocidal, antisemitism – genocidal antisemitism which is major part of the core orthodoxy of Islam and Islamic law.

The only problem with this political cartoon is that it, in my opinion, implies that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar also have “double loyalty.” This seems far from factual to me since I firmly and sincerely disbelieve that either of these two bints have any loyalty to America at all. And how could they be loyal in the first place when by blood, by birth, and by creed they were created and raised to America’s enemies? That they our nation’s, our people’s, and our allies enemies was a foregone conclusion.

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The Anti-Semite Squad

The Anti-Semite Squad
The Anti-Semite Squad

That about sums it up. The Squad, in these matters led by Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, make threats and issue dire warning and screaming, ranting complaints whenever Israel takes any steps to prevent Hamas and the other Muslim jihadis from driving the Jews into the sea.

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Religious Issues

Religious Issues - They're A Real, Existential Problem
Religious Issues – They’re A Real, Existential Problem

Given what Justice Barrett had to go through and given how the Dems always side with Omar, this is a real, existential problem. Anytime some group side inside America’s borders against Christian for being Christians and side with Muslims for being Muslims, there’s a huge and dangerous question that the People need to find a final solution for.

And sorry, not sorry; the Dems can’t really reverse this. Christian values are compatible with America, whereas a vast amount of the Muslim values – of the modern era at least – are utterly incompatible. Nor could it be any other way, despite the Left’s war to change things – because America is a Judeo-Christian nation in practice if not by law.

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Gaah! Murder Hornets!

How Murder Hornets Get To DC

Yeah, it’s like a bad movie trope, but that’s the way that Murder Hornets would reach DC. They’d be brought in inside Ilhan Omar’s head wrap of the day.

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