Islam’s Monopolarity

One of the more serious problems facing society is Islam’s monopolarity. The Civilized World has been forced into a war against Radical Islam and has chosen to court Moderate Islam but there is never any mention of and rarely any thought of Conservative Islam.

Shahada - Islamic Confession of Faith
[Missing] <—- Moderate Islam —-> Radical Islam

The Moderate is not the antipode of the Radical; in these terms the Conservative is such. The Moderate is the middle ground who has some level of sympathy towards the goals and means of the Radical end of the spectrum but who is not wholly in agreement with them.

Moderates make poor allies in a war against Radicals. They’re already in partial agreement with the enemy and courting them means that you’ve already surrendered half the field as it were since any final resolution short of total elimination of the enemy will be pre-skewed towards the radical end of the spectrum.

But where are these Conservative Muslims? To listen to all the rhetoric surrounding the jihad we’re fighting against it would seem that they don’t exist or do not exist in such numbers as to be useful allies.

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