Religious Issues

Religious Issues - They're A Real, Existential Problem
Religious Issues – They’re A Real, Existential Problem

Given what Justice Barrett had to go through and given how the Dems always side with Omar, this is a real, existential problem. Anytime some group side inside America’s borders against Christian for being Christians and side with Muslims for being Muslims, there’s a huge and dangerous question that the People need to find a final solution for.

And sorry, not sorry; the Dems can’t really reverse this. Christian values are compatible with America, whereas a vast amount of the Muslim values – of the modern era at least – are utterly incompatible. Nor could it be any other way, despite the Left’s war to change things – because America is a Judeo-Christian nation in practice if not by law.

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2 Responses to “Religious Issues”

  1. Tyler, The Portly Politico Says:

    Here is the key line: "because America is a Judeo-Christian nation in practice if not by law." Very true. Washington in his Farewell Address said that Americans shared a common Christian faith, with some small variations, but with agreement on the important points. He said that faith was one of the "indispensable supports" for our constitutional system to function properly. Our increasing secularization (and glamorization of New Age spirituality and non-Christian faiths, like Islam) explains a great deal of our current cultural and political states, I would argue.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Well, as one who is "identified" by others as a member of one of those New Age, non-Christian sects, I say you've the right of it.

    Yeah, Tyler; I'm a "Pagan" and a priest of my Goddess – also a holder of both a legitmate dThD and DD. 😉 And, also fairly well-schooled in ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and both Syriac and Galilean Aramaic. Yep! I'm a "Pagan" who's also a decent Biblical scholar.

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