Eat Bugs, My Precious

Eat Bugs, My Precious
Eat Bugs, My Precious

Yes, the strange, little, mentally retarded creature laughed off the question about her eating bugs because eating meat is “stealing her generation’s future”, but it seems something that those controlling her would be pushing forward. After all, anything that keeps this girl in the limelight helps their bottom line, both in traditional income and “social currency.” And, it’s already caught in among the Leftist, climatard freaks that we’ve been stupid and timid enough to allow near our children.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. In my years of traveling and working across the globe, I’ve eaten and greatly enjoyed many insect-based dishes. In point of fact, Europe and America are just about the only places where insects aren’t a fairly normal part of the diet. But the demand that we do so and end our use of other animals for food, is just wrong.

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Gaah! Murder Hornets!

How Murder Hornets Get To DC

Yeah, it’s like a bad movie trope, but that’s the way that Murder Hornets would reach DC. They’d be brought in inside Ilhan Omar’s head wrap of the day.

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Lady Gaga’s New Outfit

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) seems genetically predisposed towards garish and outlandish outfits, but this latest one may take the prize as the oddest one as of yet.

Phyllodes imperialis - Pink Underwing Moth caterpillar
A New Outfit For Lady Gaga?

OK, OK – Just kidding. 😉 In a similar vein to Donald Trump’s rogue toupee, this is actually a Pink Underwing Moth (Phyllodes imperialis) from the Springbrook National Park in Queensland, Australia.

But who knows? If Ms. Germanotta sees this post – not a total impossibility – perhaps it’ll give her some inspiration. 😉

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The Wig Is Loose!

Donald Trump’s iconic and oft-lampooned toupee has tired of being a public spectacle and has fled the limelight. It was last seen hiding at the Posada Amazonas lodge in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve.

Trump’s Wig Has Gone Rogue!

A recovery team tried to apprehend the wayward hairpiece but found out the hard way that its fluffy exterior concealed a set of poison spines that inflicted excruciating pain, rashes, blisters, inflammation, and breathing difficulties among the hapless team members.

All the while, as the recovery team retreated in agonized disarray, it was heard muttering, “You’re fired! They’re fired! Everyone’s fired!”

NOTE: This is actually a megalopygid moth caterpillar from Peru. It’s the larva of one of the Flannel Moths. It was, however, photographed at the Posada Amazonas lodge in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve and it does have concealed poisonous spines that can inflict excruciating pain, as well as: rashes, blisters, inflammation, and breathing difficulties in people who are allergic to its venom.

H/T to Phillip Torres via Rainforest Expeditions Lodges, via Farrell McGovern, via Eva Whitley.

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Sleeping Jewels

Amid the strife, pain, and rage inducing events of the world there are also small wonders to behold – if one is wise or lucky enough to find them.

Sleeping Insects Bejeweled With Dew

Macro photographer Miroslaw Swietek was wise enough to find these sleeping jewels and capture their beauty and we’re lucky enough that he shared the images with the world.

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