They Sowed The Wind

Lady Liberty With Sword Upraised Democrat politicians and their Leftist supporters have been complaining a lot about the anger that the American people have directed at them. They are quite upset – and many are more than a little afraid of – about level of unrest that has occurred in the wake of their using any and every means to inflict the liberty and economy destroying ObamaCare legislation upon Americans.

I have little or no sympathy for them. They have brought this course of events upon themselves.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and their cabal of Liberals running roughshod over the federal government, the Constitution, and the American people were arrogant and foolish. They believed that they could do whatever they liked however they chose to and be safe from reprisal. Like others who believed they same in the past, they were wrong.

They have sowed the wind and so shall they reap the whirlwind.

— British Air Marshal Arthur “Bomber” Harris
May, 1943 – Discussing Operation Gomorrah

I think that it will be, in many ways and in many forms, a bitter harvest for the Democratic Party’s politicians and the various stripes of Leftists who support them. But, alas for them, words and actions have consequences and sometimes the hand of fate is expressed as the clenched fist of man.

How far things will proceed and to what lengths the People will go to vent their anger and exact their retribution upon our foes is unknown. Whatever happens though, the arrogant fools in DC and their supporters deserve whatever they get.

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    […] Of course it’s axiomatic that just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. It is also axiomatic that you will be forced to reap what you have sown, and it is a sad truth that President Obama and his coterie have sown the wind. […]

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