Walls Need Gates!

Remember That Walls Need Gates, Mr. President

I’m an American and I’m staunchly in favor of controlling immigration and greatly increased border security. I can also see where a wall along the US’ southern border will help with that. At 1,954 miles in length, much of it through remote and harsh terrain, it can’t be successfully guarded without something to channel invaders and provide choke points.

Face it head on with clear eyes and a resolute demeanor; something has to be done about the approximately 500,000 illegal borders crossings from Mexico to America per year.

That being said, to paraphrase or riff upon Pres. Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Trump, build those gates.” Not all of the immigrants, illegal or not, are either bad or problematical. A plethora of these immigrants would be of great benefit America and Americans in so many beautiful ways.

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2 Responses to “Walls Need Gates!”

  1. Felipe Zapata Says:

    Being a naturalized Mexican (13 years and counting), I gotta say you guys don’t know what you’re missing, not just in looks but in personality and attitudes. The contrast with grumpy Gringa gals is extreme.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Actually, I’ve extensively traveled the world for work – Every continent except Antartica…because I turned down that job – and have generally found that there’s a stark contrast between almost every other country’s gals and the grumpy Gringas.

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