An Unwanted War

What “President” Felipe Calderon tries to pass off as Mexico’s government is a sham and an utter failure. Mexico is a failed state that has devolved into chaos with various parts of it ruled by violently competing drug cartels.

In very many ways Mexico has degenerated into a vile and disgusting morass much like that found in the pseudo-nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Yet, unlike Afghanistan and Pakistan, America’s government will not intervene and will do nothing meaningful to ameliorate the situation at all. Unlike Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mexico is not comfortably thousands of miles and an ocean away from America and America’s people.

We’ve seen the brutality, atrocities, and savage criminality that the thugs and their warlords of the cartels incessantly revel in:

But, by and large, America will do nothing about it, even when it spills across our southern border and into our towns and cities.

We’ve seen the ecological damage and pollution that Illegal Immigrants repeatedly cause as they sneak their way into America:

But, aside from trying to clean it up and bemoaning that it happened in the first place, America will do nothing about it.

Mexican troops in full uniform and “battle rattle” have crossed America’s borders under arms hundreds of times in support of the drug cartels and have, in the course of doing so, repeatedly attacked American Border Patrol agents.

Yet America’s federal government will not only do nothing to quell these armed incursions into our sovereign territory, they have striven to take actions that lend material aid and comfort to these foreign enemies and prevent our border states from protecting themselves in even the most basic fashion.

Unless something fundamental in America’s viewpoint and philosophy changes drastically, nothing substantive will be done to address and/or correct any of these horrific problems and the threats they pose to the men, women and children of America.

Beyond Mere Politics

There’s no way any American can deny that politics plays its part in our government’s abject failure to deal with the situation that has arisen in Mexico and regularly spills across the border into America. But, even if we removed the Democrats’ pandering to the Liberals and minorities and the Republicans’ refusal to go against the wishes of the businesses who rely and profit upon illegal immigrant workers, the government will still not doing anything meaningful about the situation.

Restabilizing Mexico and removing the cartels’ influence would require significant levels of armed force and a lengthy occupation of that nation –  in other words, it would require a war and subsequent peace-keeping efforts quite similar to what we fought in Iraq.

Mexico is just too close to the US for any administration to authorize such an action. We share 1,969 miles of contiguous land border – a border that is largely unfortified and difficult to patrol – and it would be impossible to contain the war south of it.

This is made far worse by the fact that the US has already been infiltrated by over 6 million Mexican illegal immigrants at any given time, any or all of whom might take up arms against America’s civilian population if the US authorized the use military force to prop up Mexico’s government.

Add to that sickeningly huge number of enemies already behind what would be our lines the 700,000 – 1,000,000 Black and Latino “gangbangers” who make their living off the drug trade.  They are well-armed, experienced in urban warfare, inured to savagery and violence, and hold a deep and abiding hatred of America in general and for Whites in particular.

No; given all that, no POTUS and no Congress is ever going to do anything about the drug-driven chaos in Mexico no matter how much it spills across our borders. They would never want to be the ones who brought that sort of war to American soil.

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7 Responses to “An Unwanted War”

  1. Sarah S Says:

    hi all, First time poster and excited to be a part of the discussion!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Welcome. Did you have a comment though?

  3. Jeff Says:

    You have no clue what your talking about. Your dumb as hell.

  4. jonolan Says:

    That’s nice but what do you base what passes for you’re opinion upon?

  5. Dave Drumstick Says:

    This drug problem has gotten so big only because Americans keep consuming drugs. This is a consequence of a severe social problem ocurring within American soil caused by its people.

    American consumers empower this problem.

  6. jonolan Says:

    I’ll give you that one, David. Junkies supply the demand and the thugs keep supplying the product. If we could be rid of the former, we’d be rid of the latter.

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