March Or Not, Still Cold

March Or Not, It’s Still Cold

It may be March but, March or not, it’s still cold out there. Well, at least where I am it is. For those in the South, e.g., Houston, TX, things may be a bit different and warmer. But fortunately, both sweaters and thigh-high socks are wonderful and warming things. Hence, the ongoing cold weather can and should be enjoyed, not just endured.

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Not Quite Time For Sweaters

Not Quite Time For Sweaters

It’s not quite time for sweaters – or, for those south of the equator, it’s just past time for them – especially for those nearer to the Equator. High, warm socks though? Those are definitely in order. 😀

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Keep Your Feet Warm

Keep Your Feet Warm

Warming up or not, some over-the-knee socks are still a fine idea. After all, warm feet mean that they can skimp on some other clothing and still be comfortable. And, of course, doing so will warm up any and all around them as well, which is even better.

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Well-Filled Xmas Stockings

Well-Filled Xmas Stockings

There’s no real need to wait until the night before Christmas to enjoy some well-filled Xmas stockings. Nor should they always be hung by the chimney with care. Just get the children nestled all snug in their beds, and live the dream of things besides sugar plums.

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Fall’s Not All Sweaters

Fall’s Not All Sweaters. It’s Also High, Warm Socks

Despite popular opinion – though that opinion makes perfect sense – Fall’s not all sweaters. Sure, it’s sweater weather, but Fall’s also about one of my favorite bits of fashion – thigh-high, warm socks. They’re not just for Christmas, you know. 😉

Indeed, if she’s got the right socks, she might not need that much else, which can only be a good thing for us.

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