Political Terrorism

Obama The Liar-in-ChiefThe Obama Regime can’t seem to make up its collective mind as what was the cause of the recent Muslim attacks upon US Embassies in the Muslim World and the brutal murders of American diplomats in those filth-filled regions.

First, Obama and his handlers made sure to blame a video mocking the Pedophile Prophet for the attacks. Then, when “It’s our fault and we deserved it” didn’t sit well with Americans, Obama decided that the attacks were terrorism and linked to Al-Qaeda, which the Obama Regime has spent a year telling us was largely defunct.

Think of it as “political terrorism.” As far as the Obama Regime is concerned, whether or not an attack upon Americans to be called terrorism depends solely upon the political impact to the Campaigner-in-Chief.

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2 Responses to “Political Terrorism”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I am hoping the end is in sight for him sitting in Our Oval Office.

  2. jonolan Says:

    So am I and I think that, one way or another, his end is in sight. That gives me some small hope.

    It’d be more hope but I realize that Obama is a symptom, not a root cause of a problem. Being rid of him is good, but it doesn’t necessarily address the underlying problem of our tolerance for our domestic enemies.

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