Fundamental Change

Until quite recently the Obama Campaign was selling a mockery of the American flag on their website. It was, before its removal, entitled “Our Stripes.” It is currently unclear as to whether Americans’ outrage over this insult caused the Obama Regime to remove it or if enough of America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants, bought the print that it sold out. The Obama Regime claims the latter though.

Obama's Flag - As Obama is a mockery of a man so too is his flag is a mockery of America's
The Flag Of The Obama Nation

For myself, I largely believe the Obama Regime in this singular matter as it fits his cultists’ mentality and ideology. I figure that, even if it was pulled due to rightful American outrage, most copies had already been sold to our nation’s enemies.

Liberals' View Of America
The Liberals’ & Progressives’ View Of America

That makes sense since these Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants don’t see anything good, Right, or worthwhile when they look upon America. They certainly don’t see anything that they love, have respect for, or loyalty towards – especially our nation’s flag which they have so often disparaged and held up as a symbol of evil.

Yeah, it seems likely to me that they’d be eager to buy the Obama Regime’s mockery of the American flag since they and Obama are mockeries of Americans and humanity.

Flags - American vs. Obama
You Choose And You And Yours Face The Consequences

So the the residents – both American and the others around us – of this great nation must choose. Will they each side with America and her flag or with Obama and his campaign’s mockery thereof. As with all choices, consequences will be attached to such a choice.

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4 Responses to “Fundamental Change”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    “Our Stripes” should be prison stripes. The flag of the 47%. Hopefully the 53% will reclaim the real flag. 53% would not be a bad campaign slogan for Governor Romney.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I agree, Alan, but I just don’t see Romney using it. He doesn’t want to run a divisive campaign even though the nation is already divided and essentially at war with itself.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    I am pretty much fed up with the undecided. Obama is waging a get out his low life base campaign. Romney has to turn out his base like was done in the 2010 midterms. Anyone undecided now either does not care or is a total idiot.

  4. jonolan Says:

    True, Alan! I’m not sure how many really Undecided there are though. I can’t see where there would be any at this point and, if there are such, it be be Undecided as to whether to vote for a real candidate or a third partier.

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