The Pope Hammer

The Pope Hammer
The Pope Hammer

And, introducing the Pope Hammer! 😆 Yes, this is a real thing that the Catholic Church came up with long ago. Whenever a sitting Pope died, it was the solemn duty of the Cardinal Camerlengo to “gently” strike him upon his head three times while calling out his Baptismal Name aka his given or first name. If he didn’t respond – after being struck in the head by a hammer up to three times – he was declared truly and really dead and the process for selecting his successor was begun.

So… Sometime “fairly” soon:

BAM! Jorge? BAM! Jorge? BAM Jorge?

Yeah, I’m guessing that Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio isn’t going to get merely a set of love taps when he’s presumed dead. Being both the first Jesuit Pope and the First non-European one doesn’t bode to well for him in that respect, given the nature of the Church. 😉

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Happy Orthodox Easter

Happy Orthodox Easter

Hey! Thanks to the Great Schism of 1054 AD between the Roman Catholic Church, obviously based out of Rome, and the Orthodox Church, based out of Constantinople, we’ve got two Easters this year.

So, we all get to celebrate Easter a second time!

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MSM On The Pope

Pope Francis recently made a historic – it was the first in history a Pope has addressed Congress – address to the US Congress. Unsurprisingly, it made a few waves in the world’s 24 hour media cycle.

The MSM had specific agendas when covering the Pope's congressional address
The MSM On The Pope’s Address To Congress

What most don’t know is that Pope Francis’ speech covered multiple topics and included exhortations for change or action on a variety of topics. In truth, it’d be hard for most people to know that since the Lamestream Media limited its coverage to only those topics that would sit well with their target audience and demographics.

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Hubris Is A Sin

Confess Don't Gloat
Hubris Is A Sin

One should remember, if one is Catholic, that the Confessional is for the confession and repentance of sins, not the boasting of good works. 😉 Of course, it’s also important to remember one’s catechism so that one can tell difference between sin and community service.

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Veni Veni Emmanuel

For my Christian readers, especially those who are Catholic or Anglican, here’s something old school to celebrate the coming of Christmas with.

Domine, ad adiuvandum me festina. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen. Alleluia.

It is after the last week of Advent.

Veni Veni, Emmanuel

It is a metrical version of the Antiphon, O Emmanuel and dates back to at least the 12th century.

O Emmanuel, Rex et legifer noster, exspectatio gentium, et Salvator earum: veni ad salvandum nos Domine Deus noster.

That particular antiphon would be sung, chanted, or recited at Vespers on December 23rd and is the final in the series of “O Antiphons.”

So enjoy a bit of the past and its grace and majesty, my friends and other readers. Worry yourselves not one bit over the Pagan who’s so familiar with traditions that you’ve long ago cast aside. 😉

Merry Christmas!

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